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Peace, Love, and Sage

Da Smoke (8MM)

Da Smoke (8MM)

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Introducing our Dalmatian and Gray Jasper Bracelet "Da Smoke", a unique and captivating piece that blends playful energy with grounding stability. This bracelet features a striking combination of dalmatian jasper and gray jasper beads, creating a harmonious balance of color and texture. Dalmatian jasper, known for its distinctive speckled appearance, brings a joyful and protective energy, encouraging playfulness and a light-hearted outlook on life. Complementing the dalmatian jasper are the smooth, soothing tones of gray jasper. These beads provide a calming and grounding influence, promoting emotional balance and stability.

Wear it to infuse your day with a sense of joy and groundedness, and let the unique blend of energies support you in embracing both the light-hearted and stable aspects of life. 

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