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Peace, Love, and Sage

Jaguar (8MM)

Jaguar (8MM)

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Introducing our captivating Red Agate and Tiger Eye Bracelet "Jaguar", a powerful blend of vibrant energy and protective strength. This striking bracelet features the fiery allure of red agate, known for its ability to ignite passion, enhance creativity, and provide emotional stability. Paired with the mesmerizing, chatoyant bands of tiger eye, which offers protection, courage, and confidence, this bracelet becomes a dynamic tool for personal empowerment. Each bead is meticulously chosen to showcase the deep, rich reds of agate and the golden-brown shimmer of tiger eye, creating a visually stunning and energetically potent accessory. "Jaguar" is designed to inspire and support you through life's challenges, keeping you grounded, focused, and ready to seize the day with strength and determination. 

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